better direct communication

insert HTML messages above and below Virtuemart custom fields

virtuemart html better shopping experience

Good communication is the difference between a positive experience and an annoyed shopper

Informative. Relevant. Well-Communicated.

In the rapid world of online commerce, communication is a commodity you have to get right. The better you are at communicating your products, ideas, intentions; the stronger your marketing, your brand and your ability to convince a buyer to commit to your product.

Virtuemart is a great shopping cart product; it is free, maintained and very adaptable. Custom Fields in Virtuemart does not have the ability communicate additional information about your options other than what you cna express through a title.

The “Virtuemart HTML Plugin” gives you the ability to add HTML Text Blocks above and below your custom fields. There is no second guessing or missed opportunities; communicate exactly what you need to and make it directly relatable to the options you are creating for your Virtuemart product listing.

How does this work?

Virtuemart HTML Plugin

vmhtml plugin joomla
Install the plugin through the Joomla as a standard extension and enable the plugin in the Plugin Manager. This will add the necessary database columns and PHP files.

Virtuemart HTML Code

vmhtml plugin joomla code
There are a few code blocks to add to Virtuemart core files. Detailed instructions are provided or simply upload the edited files that correspond to your Virtuemart version.
If you would like, we can be hired to complete this task for you.

Virtuemart Create A Custom Field

vmhtml plugin create custom field When you create a custom field (dropdown, image, date, plugin field, etc.) 2 HTML text blocks are added and can be used as default messages. Whenever you add the custom field to a product, the default message is loaded. Use your default message or change it directly in the product listing for a unique message relevant to that listing.

Virtuemart Product Details

vmhtml plugin joomla example Choose to have an HTML message above and/or below your custom field. Since it is HTML based you can include images, highlighted text, links and much more. Whatever you would enter into your Joomla articles using a WYSIWYG text editor, the HTML code can be placed into the text area and displayed beautifully in your Virtuemart listing.